I-nuri thinks only of children
from beginning to end

I-NURI introduction

I-NURI is a kids' specialty food brand that provides the best food culture program for children
counting not only the best food but also the importance of time spent together by parents and children.

아이누리 소개

BI introduction

The I-NURI BI expresses the friendliness of the subject responsible for children's nutrition, at the same time containing the heart of I-NURI to deliver only diverse and safe food materials for children as an icon of agriculture, fisheries, livelihood, and processing.

아이누리 BI

Character introduction

Broly, a tree fairy resembling broccoli, is a lively and pleasant friend showing various episodes with children's character and is a representative character of I-NURI that informs the correct eating habits and healthy food culture of I-NURI.

아이누리 캐릭터 소개
Ari / 5 years old
My hobby is playing 3 types of rhythm instruments, and my specialty is memorizing car names. I like meat and chocolate, and I hate green food
Tree Fairy Broly
Broly, a fairy friend who always goes around with fresh vegetables and fruit friends on her head. She always insists on fresh food materials and sings a magical song that makes even the food that children hate delicious.
Nuri / 5 years old
My hobby is singing
My specialty is Taekwondo Taegeuk vital point. I like egg and seaweed, and I hate red food.