I-NURI is a kids' specialty food brand that provides the best food culture program for children
counting not only the best food but also the importance of time spent together by parents and children.

I-nuri thinks only of children
from beginning to end

아이누리 소개

BI introduction

The I-NURI BI expresses the friendliness of the subject responsible for children's nutrition, at the same time containing the heart of I-NURI to deliver only diverse and safe food materials for children as an icon of agriculture, fisheries, livelihood, and processing.

아이누리 BI

Character introduction

Broly came to Earth on a mission from the superfood planet!
Broly, as I-Nuri Nutritionist, gives you the proper eating habits and healthy
eating culture with various episodes.

아이누리 캐릭터 소개
Ari / 5 years old
  • #Reading
  • #Food scientist
  • #Nuts
Ari is the first child on Earth that
Broly has become close. He has good
concentration and likes to read. Ari is
brilliant and wants to be a food
scientist. He is interested in foods that
stimulate brain activity. His favorite
food is nutty nuts.
  • #Kids Nutritionist
  • #Superfood
  • #Positive
Broccoli is one of the top 10
superfoods in the world. Broly is full of
pride to be a superfood. To deliver the
health and positive energy of broccoli,
he always reads super books to gain
knowlege. He always cares about
children’s favorite food and healthy
eating habits.
Nuri / 5 years old
  • #Exercise
  • #Vegetable
  • #Fruit
Nuri is another child on Earth that
Broly has become close. Nuri likes
playing soccer and tennis. As she wants
to be an athlete, she is interested in
healthy foods to keep her healthy and
build up stamina, so it’s natural to like
vegetables and fruits, right?