CJ Freshway will make more efforts for managementactivities that can increase the value of society.

CJ 프레시웨이 대표이사 이건일 사진

This is CJ Freshway CEO
Lee Geon-Il

The management philosophy that contributes to society and the country is the most important value that originated from the founding philosophy of CJ, and CJ Freshway succeeds this and pursues sustainable management through ethical and social management. The beginning of CJ Freshway's ethical management was to protect the shareholders, employees, and company from risk through legal business activities, but we are currently implementing higher standards of social value and morality that go beyond legal business activities.

CJ has prepared a code of conduct for various stakeholders such as customers and shareholders, employees and suppliers, and CJ Freshway is developing various organizations and processes for implementation and monitoring. In addition, we are establishing and supplementing the system so that individual employees can act rationally and ethically.

CJ Freshway will continue to work harder for management activities that can increase the value of society and add substantiality so that these efforts can truly reach customers and members of society. We ask for your active interest in CJ Freshway's efforts. Thank you.

CJ Freshway CEO
Lee Geon-Il