Ethical Management

Code of Ethical Conduct


CJ Freshway promises the following in order to put into practice CJ's management philosophy of contribution to the country through business, talent first, and pursuit of rationality.

  1. Our promise to our customers img

    Our promise to our customers

    • We provide ONLYONE products and services to our customers.
    • We promote and sell our products and services ethically and honestly to our customers.
    • We listen to our customers and put customer satisfaction first.
    • We keep our customers' personal information safe.
  2. Our promise to shareholders and investors img

    Our promise to shareholders and investors

    • We accurately create and strictly manage all company records.
    • We comply with disclosure principles and strictly manage insider information.
    • We value company assets and use them lawfully.
    • We comply with and protect the Company's Confidential Information Policy.
  3. Our promise to CJ Colleagues img

    Our promise to CJ Colleagues

    • We pride ourselves in creating a pleasant working environment.
    • We foster a healthy, safe working environment.
    • We do our best in an honest, appropriate way.
    • We seek an appropriate balance between respect for our colleagues and privacy.
  4. Our promise to partners img

    Our promise to partners

    • We compete fairly and establish sound transaction order.
    • We create a win-win industrial ecosystem by trading fairly with our suppliers.
  5. Our promise to the Global Community img

    Our promise to the Global Community

    • We create shared value and fulfill our corporate social responsibility.
    • We realize social values by respecting human rights and protecting the environment.
    • We comply with anti-corruption and anti-bribery laws worldwide.
    • We respect international transaction order and comply with the applicable laws and regulations of each country.

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Supplier Code of Conduct

We provide a guide so that suppliers can autonomously practice compliance management.