Risk Management


CJ Freshway's compliance system aims to secure transparency and fairness in management through the control of illegal occurrence. Through this, we inspire social trust from customers, eliminate reputation risk, prevent loss of the company and shareholders, and support the safe business execution of executives and employees. Furthermore, we lay the foundation for developing ethical and sustainable management beyond complying with the law.

CJFreshway's Compliance System

Compliance Program (CP)

  1. Process establishment/training
  2. Regulatory environment analysis
  3. Monitoring

Internal control system

  1. Compliance management committeeSupreme decision-making body
  2. Compliance coordinator Compliance management working group
  3. Compliance officer · dedicated organization Compliance control

Compliance operating system

For systematic compliance policy and risk management, we acquired ISO 37301, a compliance management system, and we manage internal risk according to the standard established by the International Standardization Organization (ISO).

ISO 37301

Information on reporting system

We provide a system for reporting misconduct that executives and employees and external stakeholders can trust.

Subject to reporting

  • Corruption / Irregularities
  • Supplier Complaints and Unfair Trade Practices
  • Issues Related to Organizational Culture
  • Improvement of Product and Service Quality
  • Safety Management


Environmental safety management promotion organization

We allow the organization responsible for environmental safety management to operate systematically throughout the entire process of business activities.

  • CEO
  • Organization responsible for environmental safety management (Responsible for safety management)
  • Environmental safety management working department (Occupational safety team)
    • Support

      • Management administration
      • HR/General affairs
    • Purchase

      • Product development
      • product operation
    • Catering (Meal)/Sales

      • Store operation
      • customer development
    • SCM

      • Infrastructure operation
      • logistics delivery

Environmental safety management operating system

In order to operate environmental and safety management systematically, we have acquired ISO 14001, an environmental management system certificate, and ISO 45001, a safety and health management system certificate, to prepare a system and manage risks preemptively from risk detection to prevention activities.

ISO 14001
ISO 45001