Main Activities and Performances

Main Activities and Performances


A materiality evaluation was conducted to identify the concerns of internal and external stakeholders and factors that could affect management activities to derive material issues affecting management.

Selection of material issues

CJ Freshway is deriving the direction for ESG management by collecting the opinions of stakeholders. In the 2022 materiality assessment, a final pool of 17 issues was selected based on important ESG evaluations such as GRI Standards, SASB, MSCI, and KCGS, guidelines and media analysis, peer group review, etc.

Materiality assessment process

  1. STEP 1 ESG issue identification and pool configuration

    • Analysis of sustainable management standardsGRI Standards, ISO 26000, MSCI, TCFD, KCGS, UN SDGs, SASB, etc.
    • CJ Freshway's own issues and pool analysis Internal data, business report, management strategy system, etc.
    • Peer group comparisonAnalysis of the status of leading companies in the food and distribution industry group
  2. STEP 2 Materiality assessment

    • Analysis of importance of internal/external group influence
      • Survey period: APR, 22nd ~ 27th, 2022
      • Survey target: CJ Freshway ESG W/G and ESG expert group
      • Item composition: importance of impact on each topic (probability of occurrence, magnitude of impact, resilience, etc.)
  3. STEP 3Derive prioritization

    • Prioritization The ranking of 17 issues is determined according to the results of comprehensive assessment considering the importance of impact
    • Third-Party VerificationThe contents of the report are verified by a third-party organization (Marcspon) to ensure reliability and transparency.

Results of Materiality Assessment

As a result of the materiality assessment, food safety was selected as the most important issue with health management, sustainable product development, human rights management, ESG management, etc. selected as major issues. CJ Freshway is continuously improving the insufficient areas among the selected issues to become a company that contributes to customers and society through assignments by the department in charge.

TCFD Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures

CJ Freshway transparently discloses four major TCFD items-- climate-related governance, strategy, risk management, measurement indicator & hidden goal--focusing on risks that may affect its business model in line with the global climate change response flow.


Business Strategy

Risk management

Indicator and reduction goal

Main Activities and Performances

We carry out various activities according to the three ESG strategic directions.

Introduced electric truck for the first time in the food distribution industry


CJ Freshway introduced the electric truck for the first time in the industry in 2021. Electric trucks not only reduce carbon emission but are also safer, more economical, and more efficient than diesel vehicles. In order to reduce carbon emission in the future, we plan to expand and apply electric trucks continuously to the nationwide logistics network and build a sustainable logistics infrastructure.

  • Affordable and clean energy
  • Climate action

Establishment of Resource Circulation

#Planet #People

CJ Freshway is taking the lead in creating a sustainable distribution environment by establishing a resource circulation system that circulates various resources used in the distribution process. In addition, we strive to expand additional positive influences such as job creation for the elderly, development of educational contents for children, and development of upcycling products in the process of recycling resources.

  • Quality education
  • Decent work and economic growth
  • Responsible consumption and production
  • Climate action
  • Life on land

Healthy Food Culture Program

#Product & Culture

CJ Freshway provides a variety of products and services so that society can enjoy a healthy food culture. We introduce eco-friendly packaging materials and biodegradable straws and provide low-carbon vegan menus to food (meal) channels such as school, office, and leisure area. In addition, we strive to improve the health and nutrition of the underprivileged through collaboration with WFP and CSR program for each life cycle.

  • No poverty
  • Zero hunger
  • Good health and well-being
  • Require inequalities
  • Climate action





ESG Assessment Summary

Overall grade
ESG Assessment Summary
Year Overall grade ENVIRONMENT SOCIAL Governance
2021 A B A A
2020 A B A A
2019 A B A A