CI concept

The three colors of CJ
symbolize health, happiness, and convenience.

CJ is at the forefront of spreading K-Culture and influencing lifestyles all over the world. CJ dreams of a delightful and enriched world; a world where everyone can enjoy Korean movies, food, TV shows, and music on a daily basis. During our creative journey, we advanced industries and offered differentiated customer values with our core values “ONLYONE”, “Talent”, and “Shared Growth” at heart.
CJ will continue to drive innovative lifestyles as a leading global lifestyle company and contribute to societies by providing the best value to our customers.


CJ Freshway’s name has been derived from two values: FRESH, which is the basic value of the food company, and WAY, which symbolizes the distribution of tangible and intangible service. It also embodies our commitment to pursue a new path to improve food culture.



Understanding You A food distribution specialty brand that preemptively proposes customized solutions to customer needs with data-based know-how
Warm and thoughtful consultant
Trend-sensitive and sensible leader
    It is a kids’ specialty food brand that
    provides not only the best food for kids
    but also a healthy food culture program
    that values the formation of correct
    eating habits.
  • 헬씨누

    A brand that provides a healthier, more
    sustainable "total food care solution"
    as well as customized food materials
    and services for seniors pursuing
    a healthy life.
  • 튼튼스
    The trendiest catering solution
    A brand specializing in the channel of
    school meal that provides safe,
    reliable high-quality food materials
    and trendy food solutions.
  • 정품진
    A high-quality brand that lets you
    savor the deep flavor of Korean beef
    raised with nature's sincerity and
    strict specification control and prepared
    with genuine product / sincerity / fixed
    quantity in a HACCP-certified hi-tech facility.
  • DONO
    A specialty brand of premium dairy
    products and western food materials
    from New Zealand, a clean country
    that makes the chef's dishes
    stand out.
    It is a restaurant specialized food material brand that coexists with local small and medium businesses through stable and organized distribution structure to gain superior price competitiveness for the best quality products.

Food Service Brand

  • 그린테리아"
    A healthy food culture space to enjoy with close people
    We provide healthy, balanced meals with reliable quality food materials and convenient, responsible service. It is a premium food court that provides not only quality food and beverage services but also various cultural experiences and value consumption
  • 고메브릿지
    A new delicious food experience space that connects taste and pleasure
    It is a food court that provides convenient service with a variety of menus made of reliable, safe food materials.

  • 푸드오클락
    Time to hear delicious sounds
    It is a food court that provides convenient service with a variety of menus made of reliable, safe food materials.
  • 모닝해즈
    It contains the vitality and energy of the start of the day, morning. It is a cafe that you can find comfortably when rest and energy are needed in your daily life
  • 스낵픽
    It is a takeout specialty brand that provides food service tailored to the lifestyle of modern people.
  • 프레시밀
    Before Meal,
    After Meal
    It is a food service mobile application that provides the best customer experience from menu information and order, reservation before eating to meal evaluation and customer opinion after eating.

  • 프레시밀온
    Lunch routine for me
    It is a portable (kitchen-less) meal solution that can solve meal problems by suggesting customized menu and service that customers want.


  • Fresh One
    Fresh One
    Fresh One is a win-win business model created by joint investment between a small/medium-sized food material distribution company based in a regional base and CJ Freshway for the development of the Korean food material distribution industry.
  • Fresh Plus
    Fresh Plus
    Fresh Plus is a B2B-type convenience food manufacturing and meal-solution company leading the valuable food culture by proposing advanced future convenience foods that anyone can easily enjoy based on a safe and hygienic manufacturing infrastructure.