Logistics System


By establishing a joint logistics network through large-scale regional logistics centers such as Icheon, Suwon, Dongtan, Yangsan, and Jangseong and regional center bases of CJ Logistics, a specialized logistics affiliate of the CJ Group, and FreshONE as a subsidiary of CJ Freshway, we distribute fresh, safe food materials at the right time and place that customers want, such as daily and early morning delivery nationwide.

Logistics process based on quality/hygiene control

We manage and supply the freshest and safest food materials from
warehousing to delivery through a logistics process that guarantees
quality and hygiene safety.
We distribute safe food materials based on the inspection process
for all products distributed and the cold chain system applied
throughout the process.

Logistics process

Cold chain system
Warehousing by room temperature,
refrigeration, and frozen products
Maintain vehicle and storage facility temperature
Inspect products and food materials' appearance
Analyze and inspect the food safety factor (metal detection / pesticide residue /radioactive contamination, etc.)
Inspection system operation using the PDA terminal
Inventory Control
Automatic temperature control system (HMI program) introduction
Product control and inventory control System (AS/RS, WMS) operation
Sorting Picking
Establishment of AS / RS (automated warehouse system)(Keep the temperature of the sorting work space below 10
degrees at all times)
Sorting by product temperature (refrigeration/freezing) and loading
Customer-only delivery vehicle loading (Loading inspection using PDA / scanner)
Check the delivery vehicle temperature
Real-time delivery monitoring based on a smart real-time
delivery management system (TMS)