CJ Freshway's
food distribution master brand

A B2B food specialty brand that promises the best
quality in all foods from primary product to processed food

이츠웰 로고 Understanding You A food distribution specialty brand that preemptively proposes customized solutions to customer needs with data-based know-how

Thorough product development process

Through the product development process using expert know-how and data,
we develop products and solutions ahead of customers' needs.

  • 1

    Market research
    Market and trend research
  • 2

    Advance AUDIT on Suppliers
    Inspection of supplier quality control in accordance with Itswell product quality standards
  • 3

    Supplier improvement/supplementation
    Quality improvement and quality supplementation according to evaluation
  • 4

    Product development
  • 5

    Product stability review
    Food safety analysis and safety issue inspection
  • 6

    Product launch
  • 7

    Follow-up management and inspection
    Continuous quality inspection after launch

Reliable Itswell product

From agricultural, livestock, and fishery products to flavored sauces and various processed products
Various products are prepared for B2B consumers

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