We provide safe products and services to customers through thorough supplier quality control and scientific analysis and verification.

  • New product launch safety review
    Thorough supplier AUDIT and verification of labeling of raw materials
    Analysis of legal standards for launched product
  • Distribution product safety control
    Quality improvement through supplier inspection and analysis
    In the event of a claim, prompt and thorough investigation of the cause
  • Food store hygiene control
    Provide safe meals through focused control for each cooking process in accordance with the HACCP standards
    Operation of systematic hygiene education program for field employees
  • Global food safety control
    Operate a number of excellent importers designated by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
    Secure imported food safety through regular inspection and analysis of overseas manufacturers

Provide customized food safety solutions

We provide customized hygiene and safety training program and solution for customers and suppliers.

Subject for suppliers

  • Win-win cooperation academy
    We prevent claim and promote win-win cooperation with partners
    through foreign material prevention and GMP management
    technical support.
  • Analysis training
    We secure product safety and quality competitiveness by operating
    training program to improve the level of analysis competency
    of our suppliers.

Subject for customers

  • Support activities for sales customers
    We support food safety-related activities to maximize
    customer satisfaction.
    Guide for sales food(catering) stores,
    Realization of customer satisfaction through education
    and consulting
    Increase satisfaction by improving hygiene standards
    of customers

History of customer quality and safety center

  • 2019. 05
    Received the Prime Minister's Commendation on Food Safety Day
  • 2017. 12
    Received the Minister of Food and Drug Safety Award
  • 2016. 12
    Received the Minister of Food and Drug Safety Award
  • 2016. 06
    Constructed Hazardous Goods Sales Block System
  • 2016. 01
    Publishment of technical data
  • 2012. 05
    Received Minister’s Award from the Ministry of Health and Welfare to celebrate Food Safety Day
  • 2010. 10
    Designed as the first private inspection agency for norovirus
  • 2008. 05/08
    Received Administrator’s Award from the Gyeongin Regional Korea Food & Drug Administration
  • 2007. 01
    Acquired Korea’s first HACCP for hospital food service
  • 2005. 10
    Acquired ISO 22000 [Food Safety Management System]
  • 2004. 11/12
    Recognized as R&D department Designated as a inspection agency for a livestock sanitation
  • 2003. 11
    Established Food Safety Center