The ESG committee under the Board of Directors as the supreme decision-making body, the ESG management council made up of management (executives), and the ESG working group that promotes core agenda were established to secure the foundation for promoting company-wide ESG management.

  • Supreme decision-making body
    ESG Committee
  • Management council
    ESG Management council
    ESG-dedicated department
  • Working group council
    ESG Working group council

Corporate Governance Charter

Best Practice Recommendations and Introduction details
Best Practice Recommendations Introduction details
Requirements for the composition of the board of directors More than half of the directors are outside directors
Introduction of regulations on the operation and role of the board of directors and committee Introduction
Disclosure of details of activities of the board of directors and committee Disclosure
Composition of the compensation committee Introduction (composed of 3 inside directors and 3 outside directors)
Composition of the outside director recommendation committee Composed of 3 outside directors
Composition of the audit committee Composed of 3 outside directors (including 1 financial expert)
Concentrated voting system Excluded from the articles of incorporation
Written voting system Not introduced
Subscription to director's liability insurance Subscribed at company cost
Disclosure of governance evaluation rating Posting on the website
Explain the difference from the best corporate governance standards Posting on the website

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