Personnel Information

Desired talent

  • Honest, passionate,
    and creative talent
    Talent with strong will to doTalent doing the best
  • Talent with global competency
    Talent with competitive language skills and global mindset in the global marketTalent respecting cultural diversity
  • Talent with expertise
    Talent with core competency and competitiveness different from others in their fieldTalent who is sensitive to the trend of the business where he/she belongs and who constantly learns

Talent training

CJ Freshway provides various kinds of education to help all its members grow into talents with global competency, leadership, and expertise based on a clear-cut mindset.

  • Employment
    We help new employees adapt to the organization and their jobs in a short time.
  • Leadership
    We support in developing effective leadership that suits the situation and role.
  • Global
    We help to develop the skills you need to play the role of a global leader.
  • Job
    We support the improvement of practical job skills by cultivating the necessary expertise and sharing best practices.

Personnel system

CJ Freshway operates a performance-based personnel system based on performance and competency, not seniority, in line with the trend of global competition.We break away from the conservative, rigid corporate hierarchy and practice the personnel system based on an advanced performance-oriented culture.Through this, CJ Freshway is changing into a more flexible organization and growing into a Global Leading Lifestyle Company.


Performance Management System

CJ Freshway aims for not only the development but also growth of the company through the development of employees’ competency based on employees’ perception of the company-oriented value and desirable performance through the performance management system called PMDS+.

※ PMDS+ - Performance Management & Development System


  • Set goal considering the personal role and growth linked to the company's vision and goal
  • Self-directed goal management and performance management through constant communication
  • Fair performance evaluation through comprehensive review and feedback on actual performance


  • Support the growth of long-term and short-term members through competency and career development planning and review
  • Growth-focused multi-faceted feedback on my work style from leaders and colleagues, strengths/improvements
  • Objective competency assessment for competency level by job and role

Total Rewards

  1. 기본연봉
  2. 성과연계 변동급
    조직 인센티브
    전사 시상제도
    (최고성과자, 경영대상 등)
    본부 시상제도
  3. 근무환경
    상호 수평문화(‘님’문화)
    Work&Life Balance
    다양한 근무제도 지원
  4. 복리후생
    계열사 40% 할인
    카페테리아 포인트
    건강관리/동호회 지원
    여가/문화 지원
    주택/육아 지원
  5. 교육/개발
    자기주도 성장지원
    경력개발/관리 지원
    외부교육/학위수여 P/G
    어학 교육과정
    승진/Fast Track
  6. 수당/지원금
    영업 활동비
40% special discount for CJ affiliates
  • Special discount for CJmall executives and employees
    at Tous Les Jours, VIPS, Olive Young,
    Twosome, China Factory, etc.
Seoul N Tower, Jeju/Hasely Nine Bridges
  • Discount at N Tower, the top attraction in Seoul
    operated by CJ Foodville
  • No. 49 golf club in the world and No. 1 in Korea
    operated by CJ E&C
  • Nine Bridges accommodations support and 50% discount
    on food and beverage
Cafeteria Point Benefits
  • 1,000p cafeteria points per year
  • Use according to individual needs
Congratulatory and Condolatory Support
  • Wedding support
  • Support for mutual AID
Housing Support
  • Housing finance support/loan arrangement/loan system
  • Interest-free 20 million won housing loan
  • Housing support for unrelated area
Medical support for executives and employees
  • Regular health checkup
  • Medical expense support
Support for healthy living
  • Operation of Fitness Center for each office building
Medical expense support
  • Supporting treatment expenses for infertile couples
  • Supporting child-rearing expenses for disabled children
"休 Clinic" mental health service
  • Operation of a system to solve stress that occurs inside and outside the company and to support mental health and psychological stability
Cultural life support
  • Special price for cultural and artistic performances
  • Club support
  • Operation of executives and employees' cultural experience program
Travel assistance
  • Able to use the condo through suppliership with various domestic condos
  • Overseas travel support
  • Weekend family trip support
FD voucher payment
  • Provide Fine Dining vouchers for promoted/long-term employees
Self-development support
  • Support for foreign language test cost
  • Book rental service, etc.
  • Provide personalized education contents for each
    job/interest (CJ Campus)
Flexible working system
  • Operation of staggered commuting system in consideration of the job characteristics for voluntary work immersion
Creative Week
  • External trend catching every 3, 5, 7, 10, 15 and every 5 years from then on after joining the company Refresh long-service leave system for self-development
  • Operation of a leave system for 3~6 months' global training for long-term employees with more than 5 years' experience at the company
Education support
  • Full tuition support for children from kindergarten to university
  • CJ Kidsville
Child enrollment care leave
  • Provide up to 4 weeks' leave before/after the date of admission to executives and employees with children enrolled in elementary school
Reduction of working hours for emergency child care
  • Temporarily reduce working hours by 2 hours per day in case of urgent childcare reasons
Spouse maternity leave
  • 2 weeks of paid leave within 1 month of childbirth as applicable