Company introduction

Food Business Partner Creating The Success Way

Company introduction

CJ Freshway is a food material distribution and food service company representing Korea. Based on the best infrastructure and core competency in Korea, we are reborn as a "food business partner" that contributes to the success of our customers’ businesses by providing solutions optimized for the food culture trend and customer business environment.

    Creativity to set
    a new trend
  • BEST
    Top-class infrastructure
    for purchasing,
    logistics and food safety
    and customized consulting
    for different businesses
    Win-Win partnership with
    customers and partners CSV


Contribute to our clients' business success by providing 'ONLYONE Solution' optimized
for food culture trends and client business environmnet.

    Food Business Partner Creating the Success Way
    Create New Way, Enjoy Fresh Way

CEO’s Greetings

Together with our customers, we strive
towards the future of NO.1 GLOBAL FOOD NETWORK CREATOR.

Jeong Seong-Pil, CEO
I am Jeong Seong-Pil, the CEO of CJ Freshway.
On behalf of our CJ Freshway family, I sincerely thank you all for visiting
CJ Freshway's official website.
CJ Freshway, which entered the food material distribution market in the
late-1990s, before the business-to-business (B2B) distribution of food supplies
was recognized as a bona fide industry, is a food supplies distribution and food
service company that aspires to establish a healthy and prosperous food
CJ Freshway delivers safe and reliable food supplies in a timely manner
using a national logistics network that leverages its substantial sourcing power
(capable of sourcing more than 24,000 domestic and overseas products),
it operates what is called the Central Kitchen (CK). It also takes advantage of
its unique qualities and expertise to provide food services (group meals) to more
than 550 corporations, offices, hospitals, and leisure markets nationwide.
Thanks to its high-quality and reliable goods and services, CJ Freshway has
become a byword for trust and love among its customers.
In order to keep its business operations sustainable, CJ Freshway employs a
win-win strategy through which it works with top farming households across
the country in Korea (CJ Freshway’s main business partners) secured with
exclusive supply contracts, and it transfers its outstanding capacity in food
safety to small and medium-sized food manufacturers.
Moreover, CJ Freshway functions as a reliable business partner for the success
of restaurants by developing new menus and offering various activities to
support the managerial activities for small and medium-sized restaurant
Moving forward, CJ Freshway will work relentlessly and take on new challenges
to ensure greater industrialization and the advancement of the food industry,
and maximize corporate value.
To that end, CJ Freshway promises to attain innovative growth by pioneering
new markets and leading the way in the digital transformation of the food
industry to secure “super gap” competencies, while securing competitive
advantages in Environmental/Social/Governmental (ESG) fields to create
a sustainable corporate environment.
Ultimately, CJ Freshway promises to do its best to become the leading company
in the creation of social value.
Thank you.
Jeong Seong-Pil, CEO


Here are the footsteps of CJ Freshway, from the first challenge to being the best.

  • Jan. 2020
    Selected as an excellent company in the "ESG evaluation"
    for the first time in the industry for 6 consecutive years
  • Jul. 2020
    Commendation from the Minister of Employment and Labor
    at the Employment Promotion Competition for the Disabled
  • Jun. 2020
    Operated the main center of Central Kitchen
  • Feb. 2020
    Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) for the first time in the industry
    AA grade certification in import/export sector
  • Jan. 2020
    Recorded sales of more than 3 trillion won (KRW) for the first time in the industry
  • Dec. 2019
    Presidential commendation for job creation merit
  • Oct. 2019
    Operated Dongbu RDC, the largest automated logistics
    center in the Yeongnam region
  • Aug. 2019
    Opened Meat Solution, a B2B meat direct trading platform
  • Mar. 2019
    Acquired J Farms and J&Food, which specializes in
    agricultural preprocessing
  • Jun. 2018
    Opened the smart premium food store Greenteria Selection
  • Apr. 2018
    Built logistics center in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Feb. 2017
    Industry’s first South America
    Branch Office in Chile, South America
  • Nov. 2016
    First in the industry to be selected as the Best Company
    by ‘ESG Evaluation’, with Grade A in all categories
  • Oct. 2016
    Signed an MOU with Vietnam's largest food company,
    Golden Gate, on food material purchase
  • Sep. 2016
    Signed an MOU with
    Vietnam's largest state-owned distribution company,
    Saigong Trading Group, to supply imported food
  • Mar. 2016
    Selected as "Top 100 Job-Creating Companies"
    by the Ministry of Employment and Labor
  • Oct. 2015
    First in the industry to be selected as an Excellent
    Company of Governance by ‘ESG Evaluation’
  • Jan. 2015
    Industry’s first acquirement of
    re-certification of AEO
    (Authorized Economic Operation)
  • Jan. 2015
    First in the industry to reach
    KRW 2 trillion in sales
  • Nov. 2014
    Acquired the ´Family Friendly Company´ accreditation
    by Ministry of Gender Equality and Family
  • Jan. 2012
    First in the industry to enter
    the group meal market in Vietnam
  • Jan. 2011
    Joined the KRW 1 trillion sales club
  • Jul. 2010
    Opened the Icheon Logistics Center,
    the largest low-temperature logistics center in Korea
  • Aug. 2009
    Established 'Fresh One', a food distribution model
    for local co-prosperity
  • Mar. 2008
    Changed the company name to 'CJ Freshway'
  • Jan. 2007
    First in Korea to acquire HACCP
    for hospital food service
  • Jan. 2005
    First in the industry to acquire
    ISO 22000 Certification
  • 2003. 11
    Industry’s first implementation of
    HACCP Certification System / operated Food Safety Center
  • Jul. 2001
    Listed on the KOSDAQ
  • Nov. 2000
    Launched 'It's Well', a specialty brand of food materials
  • Sep. 2000
    Accuisition of CJ CheilJedang's food service business
  • Jan. 1999
    First among large domestic companies
    to start food material distribution business
  • Oct. 1988
    Established Samil Agriculture & Fisheries Co.