HEALTHY-NURI is a brand that provides the value of proactive care to active seniors who pursue a healthy life.We propose a healthier, more sustainable Total Food Care Solution from specialized and customized food materials to services.

BI introduction

CJ Freshway, Korea's No. 1 food material distribution company, is shaping the future of care food.The HEALTHY-NURI brand logo embodies the shape of being covered by both hands, and this symbolizes the health and joy that HEALTHY-NURI will protect.


Product introduction

HEALTHY-NURI develops and distributes a variety of products for people who need customized food.

Healthynuri Product Brochure


Product Development Principle

HEALTHY-NURI designs health with sincerity so that the heart for a beloved leads to a healthy, lively smile.

  • HIGH We added nutrients that our body needs. We strive to contain more essential nutrients such as dietary fiber, protein, vitamins, or minerals.
  • LOW We eliminated unnecessary nutrients. We strive to reduce sodium, sugar, fat, cholesterol, and saturated fat.
  • EASY We develop easy-to-eat, good products. We strive to make products that are easier and better to eat, such as enhancing the soft texture and removing bones from fish.

HEALTHY-NURI's representative product

  • Main/Side dishes In addition to food certified as "aging-friendly food," "enhanced nutrients and easy chewing" room-temperature convenience food
  • Snacks Healthy desserts considering sugar content and nutrients
  • Specialized product Specialized products for event/gift Hwansim (Chimhyanghwan), Sodamhansang, etc.

Service introduction

Customized nutritional menu provision service

We provide a nutritionally designed menu according to the characteristics of the facility.

  • Low-sodium/low-sugar cholesterol, healthy table setting Low-sodium/low-sugar cholesterol, healthy table setting

    A sodium content control menu developed by CJ's Menu Team

    We prepare and provide a customized menu plan for each facility

  • Healthy table setting for diabetes prevention Healthy table setting for diabetes prevention

    Professional diet operation for blood sugar control

    Provision of food materials and menu considering the
    GI level

We provide health information through FRESHDAY magazine

We publish the FRESHDAY magazine containing monthly healthy menu and nutritional information every other month to provide useful information contents to our customers.

FRESHDAY magazine

Regular training program operation

CJ Freshway regularly provides educational programs planned by experts in each field on menu, service, and hygiene, which are essential elements for catering operation.

  • Cooking academy Cooking academy

    From the basics of taste to the plating

    New menu application/operation

    Cooks' cooking training

  • Service academy Service academy

    Create the best value for our customers

    Service training for all personnel to be assigned at the welfare center

  • Hygiene and safety education Hygiene and safety education

    CJ Group's Cross-instruction inspection management

    On-site personnel hygiene and safety management

    Competency enhancement training

Hold a catering operation trend seminar

The HEALTHY-NURI team, a care food expert, regularly holds a catering operation seminar to provide consulting on the overall changes to the food service and senior channel and business application.