Social Contribution


Based on the CSV management philosophy of the CJ Group, CJ Freshway strives to create value for the local community by practicingcreative management, win-win management,
and sharing management.

Healthy food culture

We are carrying out various CSR activities so that everyone from children to the elderly can enjoy a healthy food culture throughout the life cycle.

KidsFood culture sharing volunteer service

CJ Freshway shares food and culture with underprivileged children.In cooperation with welfare organizations for preschoolers, we provide I-nuri making kits and help children learn the right eating habits naturally through cooking classes.

SeniorFilial piety pack sharing volunteer service

CJ Freshway distributes care food healthy lunch box to senior citizens living alone.In consultation with a senior welfare organization, we deliver our products made of age-friendly food and warm hearts together.

Young PeopleDream-raising Academy

Since 2017, CJ Freshway has selected young people from the underprivileged class who want to become experts in group catering or food-related jobs, providing them with systematic education and opportunity for growth by linking recruitment.

SocietyGoodwill Store Donation

CJ Freshway donates goods from executives and employees to the "Miral Welfare Foundation Goodwill Store". The agency provides continuing jobs for people with disabilities by providing paid jobs to employees with disabilities using the proceeds from the sale of donated items.

SuppliersSupport for food safety education for suppliers

CJ Freshway provides education on and supports its foreign material management capability and GMP management technology for its suppliers through the win-win cooperation academy. In addition, we strive to standardize the food safety capability of our suppliers through analysis training.

CustomersSupport for safety education for customers

CJ Freshway supports the improvement of food safety capability in the group catering business and dining environment through customized food safety (hygiene) education and consulting for customers.