Operation of customized food services

CJ Freshway operates specialized group food services at over 600 business sites across the country, including industries, office, hospital, leisure, and concession. A professional consultant for each food service channel provides customized solution such as developing and providing space, menu, and service suitable for customers' business characteristics.

Dining out type (golf club / concession)
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  • iconHospital
  • iconLeisure
    (golf club)
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Utilizing a professional menu database, we provide optimal food service with customized menu and service for each channel. We create an advanced trend of expanding the differentiated food culture based on the CJ Group’s diverse infrastructure such as food, dining, and cultural contents.

Operation of various professional menu recipes
Through the know-how of experts such as chef and nutritionist and thorough customer analysis, we develop menu recipes tailored to various food culture trends and customer needs. Based on the food service operation experience accumulated in various channels for decades, we are operating a database of over 12,000 menu items, continuously reinforcing menu development with expertise for each channel.
Operation of hospital-specific menu and diet (therapeutic food, foreign food)
Through continuous research with hospital channel-specialized nutritionist and university hospital, we develop and operate a patient-style customized menu that reflects characteristics such as therapeutic food by disease (cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.), VIP food, foreign food, etc. In collaboration with Yonsei University Severance Hospital, we are making efforts to improve the food culture by publishing a specialized diet guidebook for each disease and providing specific dietary guidelines for each stage/period/symptom.
cj brand
CJ Freshway's outstanding product sourcing capabilities are combined
With CJ CheilJedang's advanced food technology, CJ Foodville's professional dining competency, and CJ E&M's ability to utilize broadcast contents, providing menu and service unlike any other in the world.