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Sanitation & Safety System

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Operating System, We will construct the complete infrastructure and the systematic system for the future of the better food culture.

Food Safety Center(Since 2004)

Founded in 2004, the Food safety Center has the most outstanding food safety expertise in the industry. Its teams, consisting of a distribution sanitation safety team, a quality assurance team and a customer satisfaction team, competently provide the comprehensive food safety service customers want including the execution of safety analyses, sanitation safety training and consulting for outside clients based on its accumulated capability and infrastructure.

The Center assures the safety and quality of all products we handle in all stages from development to distribution to customers, and also conducts sanitation safety audits and training in meal service establishment CJ Freshway operates, based on the principle of rigorous preemptive management.

CJ Freshway’s Food Safety Center is more reliable: it has acquired more official certifications than any other operation in the industry.

ISO 22000 acquired

We acquired the ISO 22000 certification for the first time of group feeding, food service and food material distribution industry on 25th of December in 2005.

The ISO 22000 refers to the international standard for the safety control system of the food industry in combination of HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) and Quality Management system(ISO 9001) essential for the food industry.

Certifications and Awards

  • Dec. 2004Designated as a livestock health inspection agency by the national Veterinary Research and Quarantine Service.
  • Oct. 2005Acquired the industry’s first ISO 22000 certification.
  • Mar. 2007Acquired ISO14001 certification.
  • Jan. 2007Became Korea’s first meal provider for hospital patients to implement HACCP (cafeteria at Sinchon Severance Hospital)
  • Oct. 2007Selected as an official inspection agency determining the grade of white and brown rice by the National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service.
  • Nov. 2007Named an outstanding testing agency by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy.
  • Aug. 2009Designated as a food sanitation inspection agency by the Korean Drug and Food Administration (KFDA)
  • Feb. 2010Became the first private organization designated as a noro-virus testing agency by the KFDA.