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Resources for Traning

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Operating System, We will construct the complete infrastructure and the systematic system for the future of the better food culture.

Cooking Traning

CJ Freshway´s Experts for Culinary Training offer regular and occasional culinary training to help culinary professionals such as chefs, nutritionists and menu developers strengthen their cooking techniques and ability to plan and develop menus.

Also, they train sales representatives in charge of food supplies distribution to obtain professional knowledge about food materials and food along with actual food practices in order to substantially aid customers.

Externally, the company directly offers clients cooking training and helps with cooking contests. Employees with skills for food styling are dispatched as food stylists to various Home shopping companies and food channels.

Service Traning

CJ Freshway´s Service Academy conducts regular and occasional training to strengthen the customer satisfaction (CS) capacity of field leaders and members interacting with customer. It strives to enhance service quality at the "moment of truth"(MOT) through consistent monitoring and assessment of service in establishments, production of service manuals based on MOT analysis by channel, and diverse activities to promote services.

The academy also contributes to improving the competitive edge of customers operating restaurants by offering service training and consulting to clients of our contract meal service, food materials distribution and engineering businesses.