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Distribution Infrastructure

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Operating System, We will construct the complete infrastructure and the systematic system for the future of the better food culture.

Systematic distribution system over country

By subdividing the country into 3 areas (Metropolitan area including Chungcheong province and Kangwon province, Kyongsang area, Jeonla area) managed by 3 logistics centers, we have geared with the faster and safer delivery system.

We acquired the ISO 22000 certification and installed the metal detector at the earliest time of the distribution industry to operate.

We safely and quickly deliver the food materials only with the sanitation and the quality certified by the pre-inspection activity, the pre-picking system and the cold-chain system.

Performing the periodical education for the staff

We are trying to offer the top-class distribution service by performing sanitation, safety and service education for the food messenger regularly and non-regularly a month.

Performing SCM (Supply Chain Management)