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Customer Consulting

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Operating System, We will construct the complete infrastructure and the systematic system for the future of the better food culture.

The Know-how and professionalism that CJ Freshway has accumulated through its food supplies distribution and group meal service business together with the competencies and resources of our experts are recognized internally and externally and are shared through the activities of Customer Consulting Team.

The team provides a variety of support services for potential restaurant clients such as, menu consultation (development of new menus, supplementary and complementary additions to existing menus, overall menu line inspection, etc.), training and consulting in service and health areas, and mystery shopping.

In order to ensure win-win circumstances with the clients and the company, CJ Freshway is also developing customized menus to maximize the use of our new products (Unilever Knorr Sauce, etc.) and the facilitation of events such as visiting client demonstrations and support cooking for group meal services.

We, CJ Freshway will continue to improve customer consulting team activities to become the company that not only supplies food but also provides practical and comprehensive solutions that are essential for the client’s restaurant businesses.