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Expansion of Global Business

In 2012, we opened food service stores in Vietnam and also in Chengdu (Santung Province) and Shanghai, China. In the future, we will expand our business to the Southeast Asian region, including Indonesia, so as to display the abilities of CJ Freshway's food service business around the world.


  • Entry into the food service market
    (Running 21 stores as of Apr. 2013)
  • Expand to other regions from Shantung(Chengdu) and Shanghai.
  • Create synergies through linking with food distribution businesses


  • Opened the first food service store in Ho Chi Minh in 2012
    (operating 8 stores as of Apr. 2013)
  • Advancing to other regions such as Hanoi, etc.
  • Diversification of distribution channels to offices and hospitals based on business sites