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Provision of Services Beyond Mere Food

We sponsor our ´Return to Customers´ event as part of our leftover food reduction campaign. From 2012, we have been sponsoring the ´Directly from Production Centers´ event for raw materials once monthly for the first time as a group food service provider.

Our diverse events and programs are well-received among our customers. We are also actively participating in the "Low Sodium Food Campaign" sponsored by the Korea Food and Drug Administration. And for the health management of our customers employees, we are conducting our own ´503 Diet´ campaign.

What is the 503 Diet?

The 503 Diet is CJ Freshway's campaign for the “enjoyment of healthy food” that helps prevent lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, hyperlipidemia and cancer

  • Low calories at 500 Kcal daily
  • 3g or less salt per meal
  • Diet rich in vitamins and minerals

These are tips for improving our modern diet to prevent diseases such as diabetes, hyperlipidemia and cancer that are often associated with lifestyles that include copious amounts of fatty foods and sugary beverages but also a dearth of fresh fruits and vegetables.