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Hygiene&Food safety management system

CJ is raising the standards for food safety by conducting inspections for harmful materials in accordance with national requirements so that our customers can enjoy their food with peace of mind.

We were the first in the Korean food service industry to acquire ISO 22000 (food safety management system) and three of our stores have received HACCP certification by the Korea Food and Drug Administration. All other stores are managed in accordance with the HACCP standards of CJ Freshway.

Received HACCP certification for hospitals for the first time in Korea
Received HACCP certification for a national hospital for the first time in Korea and third time in the world
(NewSeverance Hospital in January 2007)

Designated as an official Norovirus test agency
Designated as an official Norovirus test agency for the first time as a private organization in Korea
(CJ Freshway Food Safety Center in February 2010)

  • Research Firm
    Hankyung Business Weekly
  • Client
    Macromill Korea
  • Respondents
    1,000 consumers accross the country(May 5-7)