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Business Overview

The food service business of CJ Freshway was launched in 1994 with the CJ Group Food Service Business Unit and is now leading the domestic market. Presently, we are actively managing the consignment of about 400 public dining facilities located at business sites, office buildings, hospitals, golf clubs and food courts.

Furthermore, in line with the rapidly changing needs of our customers and food culture trends, we provide customized menu services by utilizing our pool of over 8,000 recipes created by our staff of professional chefs and nutritionists.

The strength of the CJ Freshway food service is to be faithful to the basics while differentiating from competitors. Beginning with hygiene and food safety, which are the basic responsibilities of the food serviceindustry, we thoroughly manage QSC (Quality, Service and Cleanliness).

The best and most comprehensive food & beverage company in Korea with the most wellorganized system

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