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Grater Success through Win-win partnership

CJ Freshway is dreaming of a future where we can succeed together through partnerships with local governments and small and medium sized businesses.

Expanding exports of agricultural products for mutually beneficial partnership with local

CJ Freshway is developing export models in Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia and other countries, which serve as the global bases of CJ Group. For 2012, we have exported agricultural products to seven overseas subsidiaries (10 countries) and are actively working to diversify the items and export countries for the mid-to-long term.

Win-win partnerships with local communities and small and medium sized businesses

Producer Direct Sales

CJ Freshway focuses on discovering new means for mutual benefit with local communities. We contribute to the increased revenue of farming towns by directly purchasing onions from Geochang, Gyeongnam Province, peppers from Bonghwa, Gyeongbuk Province, and strawberries from Sancheong, Gyeongnam Province as well as Samcheok, Gangwon Province, while leading agricultural town systemization and agricultural advancement by building stable sales routes.

Win-win success stories

In 2011, CJ Freshway signed a direct sales contract with Joy Farm, an agricultural union in Sancheong, Gyeongnam Province, and has supplies excellent quality products. At the time, CJ Freshway was looking for strawberries to be used as decoration on Tous Le Jours cakes of CJ Foodville and signed contracts with 11 farms in Sancheong, where the farmers are now providing a stable sales route and have been systemized as a corporate entity.

Joy Farm self-operates a joint-sorting center for standardized quality management and introduced an advanced management system that focuses on the growth of environmentally friendly strawberries, which has increased the sales by 700% in 3 years.

In addition, they actively contribute to the improvement of quality and sales through by performing audits of small and medium-sized food suppliers. From March 2014, they have been actively involved in supporting small and medium-sized food suppliers to ensure food safety and have been freely offering microorganism, physical and chemical analysis, as well as lab education to those who seek it.

By offering the practical help to small to medium-sized companies that have the analytic devices but need to develop the practical operation, their activity has developed into a major CSV that enables the production of safer products.

  • Offer analytic technology training to small to medium-sized suppliers
  • Joy Farm strawberry joint-sorting center, Sancheong
  • Sancheong strawberry production center