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Food Distribution

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Sales Network

Distribution Network

As CJ distributors responsible for local centers, we supply the products of CJ CheilJedang as well as our own private brands (it's well, FRESHWAY) and national brand products to wholesalers and directly to our customers.
Thanks to our reinforced SCM and MD capabilities, we are doing our best to heighten our distribution levelsand build out networks. We are continually striving to diversify our product offerings and improve our dealer infrastructure.

Food Service Network

We supply food products on a contract meal service basis (catering, hospitals, schools, restaurants, etc.) directly or through distributors. We enhance reliability through our operational expertise and provide hygiene services and menu consultation to our customers.
We are leading the Korean food service industry through high food safety, proposal of distinctive menus and events, and development of products in line with food service trends.

Restaurant Network

Based on our advanced distribution system, we supply all sorts of restaurants with the products they need including Western, Japanese and Chinese food items to franchises, individual restaurants, hotels and buffets.
When customers need new menus or kitchen products, we help develop them through consultation with our own expert hotel and restaurant chefs. We are able to reliably serve all of our customers as we have a nationwide delivery system with large logistics centers in major centers.

Raw Material Network

We supply raw materials to both wholesalers and retailers of agricultural, marine and livestock products as well as to food manufacturing factories.
We systematically manage the entire supply chain of our domestic livestock products from birth on the farms to final sale. For imported and domestic marine products and the wholesale and retail distribution of marine processed goods, we are focusing on the wholesale fishery industry based in local communities.