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Food Distribution

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Sourcing fo food ingredients at reasonable prices

We provide high-quality food products at competitive prices through
diverse means such as large purchases, direct purchasing from
production centers, contractual purchasing, and shortening of distribution

Global sourcing throught overseas subsidlaries

We established our Chengdu subsidiary to build-out a sourcing system in
the Chinese market, and our own Food Safety Center in China is
effectively verifying the safety of food products sourced from China.

Nationwide logistics centers

As we operate our own large logistics centers in Icheon, Gwangju and
, we can quickly deliver special orders for individual customers.
We are currently dealing with over 20,000 items from agricultural, marine
and livestock products to processed foods and even kitchen appliances
and utensils. Indeed, we are the largest such supplier in Korea.

Convenient ordering system

We operate a call center and web-ordering system that allows customers to order at any time and from anywhere.

Hygiene & Quality Management

Step-by-step safety verification

We possess state-of-the-art sanitation facilities for hygiene management the most basic element of food supply which we use to strictly manage all food purchasing and cooking processes as well as supplier hygiene inspection. All food ingredients of CJ Freshway undergo safety verification and quality checks at the Food Safety Center for each step of the product lifecycle from initial processing to final delivery.

Reliable food products through state-of-the-art inspection

Our Food Hygiene Institute with its state-of-the-art equipment conducts sampling inspection for all food ingredients received at the logistics center and analyzes them for harmful elements such as microorganisms, residual chemicals and heavy metals.

Customer Satisfaction Service

Support for customers with food service

CJ Freshway provides a food service
management system and standard recipes
through its computer network. We carry out
training for hygiene, menu creation and training
for kind service through biannual seminars for
nutritionists, service staff and managers.

Services we offer

Our team can design, develop and supply food products tailored to the unique needs of each of our customers. We also accept suggestions for recipes, sauces and food products in line with the nature of the customer's business. And for our customers operating their own restaurants, our Engineering Business Unit provides consultation for remodeling and outfitting with cooking equipment and appliances. We also provide various additional services through the CJ Freshway network including hygiene inspection and employee service education.