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Private Brand

it´s well

Meaning of the Brand

it´s well was first released in 2001 as the private brand of CJ Freshway´s food distribution business. The team at it´s well works hard to continuously develop customer-oriented products based on the proposition that, "Good food ingredients enable chefs to feel the pride of their work."

Processed goods brand : it´s well

it´s well purveys only products regarded as unique with distinctively high value in terms of sanitation, diversityand convenience, and all of the products undergo thorough quality tests.

Strict quality assurance process

For producers of it´s well products, only suppliers having excellent production facilities and quality management proven by HACCP and/or ISO are selected. The products that suppliers deliver to CJ Freshway are subject to strict and systematic quality management processes.

it´s well Product Development Process
  • Continuous quality check after release
  • Supplier quality management inspection
  • it´s well Products Evaluation based on quality standards
  • Quality improvement and supplementation
  • Test product development


Meaning of the Brand

For the first time as a B2B food distributor in Korea, FRESHWAY was launched as our private brand for primary agricultural, marine and livestock products, for which standardization and consistent quality are difficult toachieve. As our brand name implies, the products must meet high standards of freshness and quality. Our customers are also always pleased with our reliable and timely delivery and reasonable prices.

FRESHWAY Agricultural, FRESHWAY Marine, FRESHWAY Livestock

Primary Products Brand FRESHWAY
  • Agricultural products : Standardized products (e.g. vegetables, fruits) through direct dealing with production centers
  • Marine products : Reserved/stored standardized products and direct imports (e.g., cleaned fish, tilapia, dried fish, etc.)
  • Livestock products : Direct imports and standardized domestic products (e.g., imported meats, Korean native beef and pork, chicken)
The five guarantees of the FRESHWAY brand
  • High quality due to original product management and carefully managed production and distribution system
  • Safety through complete safety inspection
  • Reliable consistency due to systematic inspection
  • Accurate quantities due to careful management and state-of-the-art packaging systems
  • Competitive prices as a result of direct dealing with production centers and thorough yield management.