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Competitiveness in Purchasing

Expansion of Global Sourcing

  • Unified the PB pork sourcing based around Germany (Böseler)
  • Direct importing of special ingredients and sauces
  • Continuously expanding the sourcing of Norwegian mackerel
  • Building mid-to-log-term infrastructures for full-scale business.
  • Establishing a distribution subsidiary in China (Chengdu)
  • Operates the import/export business in conjunction with the global hub
Vietnam & Southeast Asia
  • Expanding agricultural and marine products such as shrimps, webfoot octopuses, frozen surimi, and advancing into the local food distribution markets.
  • Promoting the food distributio business in Ho Chi Minh City and surrounding industrial complexes.
Americas & Oceania
  • Expanding exports of our products with the U.S. as thebase.
  • North America : Expanding sourcing of livestockproducts/fruits/Western food ingredients.
  • South America : Expanding sourcing of marine/ livestock products.
  • Oceania : Expanding sourcing of livestock / dairy / agricultural products.

Exclusively Distributed Products

CJ Group Products

As we are forming a vertical affiliation with CJ CheilJedang, a company that boasts a 60-year history of market leadership and innovation, we are now the exclusive distributor of CJ CheilJedang products, including Beksul, Freshian and Haechandle, in the B2B food product market. We differ from our competitors in that we supply high-quality products developed through the competent R&D of CJ.

freshian, cjhasunjung, haechandle, beksul

Global Products

Hunt´s tomato puree (3.03kg), ngela Mia spaghetti sauce (2.95kg)

CJ Freshway supplies top brand products at competitive prices through agreements with global leading brands based on our global sourcing abilities

Conagra [Hunt’s tomato paste, Angela Mia spaghetti sauce, etc.], Valfrutta (peeled tomatoes)