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Food Distribution

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Business Overview

CJ Freshway launched its food distribution business in full scale in 1999 for the first time as a conglomerate in Korea and has been leading the domestic market ever since. The Korean food distribution industry, currently worth about 33 trillion won (approx. $30B) a year is regarded as a blue ocean that is expected to grow many fold well into the future.

As the leader of the domestic food distribution industry, CJ Freshway is striving to develop various distribution channels, reinforce its production development capabilities, enhance its competitiveness in purchasing, introduce scientific, systematic quality and sanitation management systems, and provide useful services through our own infrastructure.

We are also keen to support the success of our customers by being a "total solution provider" encompassing all services required for restaurant operation from kitchen design to the supply of equipment.

CJ Freshway is currently supplying over 20,000 agricultural, fishery and livestock products, processed foods, and kitchen appliances to all types of restaurants including food dealers, food service providers, chain stores and general restaurants. We promise to continue supplying reliable products and carefully-selected food products at reasonable prices.