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  • 2012~2015
  • 2008~2011
  • 2004~2007
  • 2000~2003
  • 1988~1999


  • 2015.11Established two Joint Ventures(JV1 and JV2) with Younghui Superstore(永輝超市).
  • 2015.03Received the Silver Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit at the 49th Taxpayers Day.
  • 2015.01Acquired the re-certification of AEO (Authorized Economic Operation) as the first in the industry.
  • 2014.11Acquired the ´Family Friendly Company´ accreditation by Ministry of Gender Equality and Family.
  • 2014.04Signed a contract for the ´Energy Saving Sharing Partner´ by Korea Energy Management Corporation.
  • 2014.01Published Low-Cal, Low-Sodium Recipes.
  • 2013.12Signed a contract with Bonghwa County pursuant to vitalization of pepper distribution.
  • 2013.01Began the CJ Freshway MD Challenger program, an industry-academic cooperation program.
  • 2012.10First export of melons from Gokseong (farmer direct sales, Win-win operations).
  • 2012.07Published The Best Diet Guide for Hypertension Patients (Co-wrote with Yonsei Severance Hospital).
  • 2012.04Released the specialized brand for primary commodities (agricultural/marine/livestock), ´FRESHWAY´.
  • 2012.03Received certification for excellent total certification company for trade safety and promotion (AEO).
  • 2012.02Signed MOU between Gyeongnam Hapcheon-gun, Hapcheon Distribution, and CJ Freshway on the joint utilization of the production center general preprocessing center.

2008~2011, Toward Asia beyond the country

  • 2011.06Developed patient meals for the first time in Korea (co-developed with Severance Hospital).
  • 2011.04Moved company building from Mok-dong to Ssanglim-dong.
  • 2011.03Participated in the low-sodium food service campaign organized by KFDA.
  • 2011.01Earned exclusive domestic distributorship for Unilever B2B food products.
  • 2010.11Received the One Million Dollar Export Trophy on the 47th Trade Day.
  • 2010.10Received ´Excellent Distributor Group/Individual´ award (Minister´s Award) in the Livestock Brand Contest organized by the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry.
  • 2010.07Opened the Icheon Logistics Center, the largest low-temperature logistics center in Korea.
  • 2010.03Received President's Award for food waste reduction best practice.
  • 2010.02Food Safety Center designated as Norovirus inspection agency for the first time as private organization.
  • 2009.11Published Cancer Diet Guide Book Required for Cancer Treatment (co-authoring with Yonsei University Hospital Cancer Center).
  • 2009.09Signed MOU with Euiseong-gun APC and exported apples from Euiseong to Taiwan(active export business).
  • 2008.09Renewal of the PB brand It's Well.
  • 2008.07Certified for safety and health management system (KOSHA18001) for the first time in the distribution and service industry.
  • 2008.05Food Safety Center received the Commissioner of Gyeongin KFDA Award (food conservation business division).
  • 2008.03Changed company name to CJ Freshway.

2004~2007, No.1 in the Food Industry

  • 2007.10Food Safety Center designated as rice and brown rice variety test agency
  • 2007.03Acquired food & beverage business license at Tsingtao International Airport in China.
    Started food & beverage business at Hongkong International Airport. Acquired food & beverage business license at Beijing International Airport in China.
  • 2007.02Signed an exclusive sales contract with Electrolux, one of top kitchen equipment companies in Europe
  • 2007.01Acquired HACCP for hospital foodservice for the first time in Korea
  • 2006.12Acquired food & beverage business license for Forbidden City in China.
  • 2006.10Opened the second M-Kitchen in Chungdam area
  • 2006.05Opened the first M-Kitchen, premium restaurant for the business area in Jamsil area
    Started food & beverage business at Narita International Airport in Japan
  • 2006.02Opened Trause, premium restaurant for the business area in Seoul Train Station
  • 2006.01Advanced into the expressway rest area market.
    (Quingdao rest area opened)
  • 2005.11Quingdao office opened in China.
    (purchasing agricultural & fisheries products.)
  • 2005.10Food & Beverage shop at National Museum of Korea opened.
    ISO 22000 Certification acquired (10/25).
    KOLAS Certification acquired (10/31).
  • 2005.07Service Academy and Cooking Education Center opened.
  • 2005.06Food & Beverage business license at Hongkong International Airport acquired.
  • 2005.04License for Construction work business acquired.
  • 2005.03Dry Kitchen System introduced at the feeding field for the first time of the industry.
  • 2004.05Food & Beverage business at the stations of the rapid transit railway started.
  • 2004.01Food Safety Center started to operate.

2000~2003, Preparation for take-off

  • 2003.11In-house HACCP Certification System performed at the earliest time of the industry.
  • 2003.07Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) introduced.
  • 2002.12Eight HACCP shops assigned greatest in number of the industry.
  • 2002.09Food & Beverage business at Cheju Inchon International Airport and Kimhae International Airport started.
  • 2002.02Suwon Distribution Center completed and the location of the head office changed.
  • 2001.11Food & Beverage business at Kimpo International Airport started.
  • 2001.07Registered at KOSDAQ
  • 2001.03Food & Beverage business at Inchon International Airport started.
  • 2000.09Incorporating the group feeding business of Cheil Jedang. The company name was changed to CJ Food System Co.
  • 2000.08Entered into the food material mart business.
    (Hanil food material mart established)

1988~1999, Foundation & Cultivation

  • 1999.01Food material distribution business started. The company name was changed to ´CJ FD System Co.´
  • 1994.12´Heugul Quingdao Food Co. Ltd.´, local corporation in China, established.
  • 1994.10Technically tied up with Shidax Co. in Japan (group feeding business).
  • 1994.05Group Feeding Business Division of Cheil Jedang started.
  • 1988.10Samil Agriculture & Fisheries Co. founded (raw food material processing business)