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Message from the CEO

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CJ Freshway is Korea's best global food distribution and food service company that distributes quality ingredients and creates healthy and delicious foods.

Currently, more than 100 product expert merchandisers source over 24,000 agricultural, seafood, and meat products from Korea, Europe, China, Southeast Asia, USA, South America, and Oceania. Also, we deliver desired products of medium to large restaurants, franchises, hotels, and resorts in the safest way by utilizing robust infrastructure that enables one-day shipping in Korea.

The food service (group meal) industry began in 1994 at the Group Meal department of CJ Group and currently operates 450 stores that can be found at hospitals, offices, industrial businesses, resorts, golf clubs, food courts, and universities across Korea. As Korea¡¯s first, we have acquired HACCP certification and developed specialized treatment meals as well as low-sodium and low-calorie meals for patients. Through this, we have been recognized for possessing differentiated capabilities, including the premium group meals using the infrastructure of CJ Group, and we are now reputed for being the industry leader who encourages the development of Korea's group meal culture, such as through publishing industry-related books.

In addition, CJ Freshway operates a Food Safety Center equipped with food sanitation research institute with Korea's state-of-the-art technology. We are also claimed as a company with global infrastruture in areas requiring the most sanitation and quality management. The CJ Freshway Food Safety Center, established in November 2003, is an accredited animal product sanitary inspection center (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, 2004), rice/brown rice variety inspection center (Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries, 2007), food hygiene inspection center (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, 2008), and Korea's first Norovirus inspection center (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, 2010).

CJ Freshway not only distributes food ingredients, but leads the new Total Solution-concept distribution trend by offering education, inspections, and consulting services on sanitation, menus, and work efficiency improvement. We will continue to grow as the world's leading ingredient distribution and food service company and acheive our vision of becoming a Global Food Network Creator.

We respectfully ask for your ongoing encouragement and support.

Thank you.