The three colors of CJ symbolize
health, happiness, and convenience.

CJ, the world’s foremost lifestyle company, creates customers’ health, happiness, and convenience. CJ strives to fulfill its mission as the global lifestyle company that creates health, happiness, and convenience’ with four core business divisions such as Food & Food Service, Biotechnology, Entertainment & Media, and New Distribution.

CJ’s blossom icon evokes the newly blossoming CJ as a flower in the world market, benefiting customers by fulfilling its mission to bring health, happiness and convenience.


CJ Freshway’s name has been derived from two values: FRESH,
which is the basic value of the food company, and WAY, which symbolizes
the distribution of tangible and intangible service. It also embodies
our commitment to pursue a new path to improve food culture.


Private Brands

‘It’s Well’ is a representative private brand of CJ Freshway
that proudly offers products of unrivaled quality.
It is Korea’s No.1 food material distribution brand that
covers everything from agricultural products, fisheries,
livestock products to processed products
and non-food materials.
The shape of the shield
symbolizes trustworthy
quality and rigorous
food safety.
A smile of trust that
creates pleasant
food culture differentiated
by healthy and
delicious ingredients.
  • Healthy Food
    Culture for Children
    of All Ages
    Food for children should be prepared with much care no matter how trivial it is. CJ Freshway’s Kids Route is a specialized brand that thoroughly manages from ingredients and their places of origins to distribution method to provide safe food to our children.
  • Customized Food
    Care Solutions
    Food Care Solutions is a private brand of CJ Freshway for promoting healthy and lively food culture. From the development of specialty products and menus to social contribution campaigns, it provides customized food card solutions to places including hospitals, welfare centers, and nursing homes that are in need of systematic dietary management.
    It is a brand of CJ Freshway specializing in school meals that deliver safe and reliable ingredients to make children's body and mind stronger even at school, where they spend longer hours than at home.
  • Good price,
    better quality
    It is a restaurant specialized food material brand that coexists with local small and medium businesses through stable and organized distribution structure to gain superior price competitiveness for the best quality products.

Food Service Brand

  • Green Teria,
    Space for Healthy
    Food Culture
    Green Teria is a brand for spaces with healthy food that provides a nutritionally balanced diet with fresh ingredients for you to experience delicious, healthy meal.
  • Gourmet Bridge,
    Gourmet Bridge is a selective dining and premium food court brand, that provides variety of cultural experiences within multi functioning complex.
  • Welly&,
    Space for Enjoyable
    Food Culture,
    Welly & is a brand of enjoyable food spaces where you can enjoy various menus in diverse spaces to reenergize for the day.

Subsidiary Company

  • Fresh One
    Fresh One is a win-win business model created by CJ Freshway and a small-sized local food distribution company, to improve Korean food materials distribution industry.
  • Songlim Food
    Songlim Food is a company that develops customized products based on systematic R&D and production management system. They specialize in sauces, powder/seasoning, and home meal replacement (HMR) products.